Monday, 22 October 2012


Everyone loves a good bargain, and a few days ago I stumbled across the best one I have found yet! I was driving past my local Sally's store when i thought i would pop in to see if they sold any nail polish thinner. As I was in there I grab a few bits like Cotton wool and some new brushes. I was about to leave when I spotted them.....

A basket full of Nina Ultra Pro polishes all full sized and unopened for only £0.69 each! I grab 1 of every colour they had left and bought them as quick as I could thinking there must have been some mistake!

"Nina Untra Pro"

I bought 10 in total and this I would use them to fill my vast growing nail polish collection or for some give aways!

I have previously bough the ultra pro polishes because of the neon colours in the collection and loved them so much. The consistency of the past gave good coverage and dried in a reasonable time. The polish also seem to look as good as new for at least a week at a time.

I cant wait to give them all ago!


Friday, 19 October 2012

As Cute As

I though I had experience every feeling under the sun until my sister gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy ever. I will admit now that when it comes to children I have never been their biggest fan. The thought of changing Nappy's, cleaning sick and stay made me run a million miles away. A soon as I held this amazing little boy I had never felt so much overwhelming love in my life!

Your probably wondering where this is going.... but due to my sister now being on maternity leave from work she is helping my mum to start up her own little business.

They call it - Cute As A button!

Its for people looking for unusual gifts for baby showers, birthdays, wedding any event you can think of really! I know when it comes to my friends birthday I am always looking for something new to give them. something that has that WOW factor. I truly believe that they will be successful in this venture and i support them in everything they do.

So they have only just started up and they are amazing, take a look for yourselves....

Nappy Cakes (Made from Nappy's, Blankets, Socks, Baby toiletries and Baby toys

Sweet Trees and Reefs (Can be made from any sweets)

Baby Flowers (Baby's socks)

Check out their page...

Hope you like :)

Tattoo Nails

So it seems to be the in thing at the moment that people want to try out tattoo and text nails. When I think of tattoos I think or big butch men and pain! but now I have a whole different outlook on them! having too myself I am no stranger to the sound, pain and terror of the needle but my stereo type never seems to change! :)

So you all know me I went trawling on the Internet to get ideas...

so here is my inspiration...

So I went for the typical LOVE HATE tattooed on knuckles for inspiration!

surprise surprise

And this is my take on the look

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lead Balloon

Okay so I can freely admit that I have been horrendous at blogging lately! mainly due to the fact I am unsure what direction I want to take this in.

My nail art has become a not so regular occurrence lately and sticking to this 31 day nail challenge has to be honest made me feel like doing my nails was some kind of chore.

I am now wanting to give my blog a whole new make over to sow the new me a more mature look and feel and I am really excited about the changes!

keep your eyes open for new posts and new attitude! :)

Friday, 21 September 2012

JolieBox 3

I was very disappointed when it came to the 13th September and I still hadn't received my lovely little box. So I took to the email yet again to track down the where abouts of the ever disappearing JolieBox! I emailed their general customer service email that advised I would get a response within the working day.

I waited and waited.............. Within a few hours I had a reply.

"Thank you for confirming this for me and I am very sorry to hear that you have not received your box.

I have checked your tracking number and it says that your box was delivered on the 28th. Please check with any neighbours that you have to see if they have signed for the box.

If you have no luck or have already done this I would Be more than happy to arrange a replacement."

Straight away I emailed back to say I would need a replacement as the box get deliverd to my workplace so we do not have any neighbours as such! they emailed back within the hour to say that they were very sorry and the box would be sent out first class. One of the products was no longer available but would replace it with something else.

I allowed myself to this it would take up to 3 days for the box to arrive but to my amazement it was there the next morning. When opening the box i tried not to get my hopes up to save disappointment, but when I opened it It was the best box yet! Not only had they replaced the product but also added even more!

The customer service was out standing when I bought my issue to there attention and that is one if the main reason I love dealing with JolieBox.

So you want to see what was in the box?

Dr Bronner - Magic Liquid Soap

Straight away I became a little scared of this.. Following skin conditions when I was younger I have always been a little worried about trying any new bath-room products encase of a skin breakout etc... Then the other day I had the worst day at work for a long time so decided to have a steamy hot bath. I grabbed one of these cheeky little soaps as I had run out of shower gel and though "What do I have to lose".

I am 110% sold on this product! I chose the citrus orange flavour and my skin has never felt so soft for as long as I can remember. The only down side I could find was that I didn't have more... I will be buying this product for myself and making sure everyone else I know Buys it too!

Phil Smith - Dry Clean Shampoo

This is one product I will never use. I tried a dry shampoo before and as i have dark brown now reddish hair it left it looking white at the ends, as if I had a head full of split ends!

This one will be used as a little stocking filler for Christmas time.

So Susan - Wide Awake Palette

I love this although I have dyed my hair a dark brown/ red colour and I am naturally very fair haired, in turn making me need to pencil my eye brows a little darker every day! I normally end up using a brown eye shadow as I always forget to buy an eyebrow pencil. It had done me fine over the years and I have never seen any problem with it until now! I followed the instructions to highlight and darken my brows and straight away I saw the difference. My eyes looked bigger and brighter also took minimal time too.

Studio Makeup - Lipstick

So I am new to the whole lipstick fashion, I have recently bought a Dainty Doll lipstick in a light pink and it has nearly all gone. Joliebox sending me this one was a lifesaver! It's a brighter that I would pick in the store but I'm glad as it's made em realise they may look bright and scary in the store but look gorgeous on! :)

Essential Care - Organic Rose Moisturiser

This little pot of magic has it's prime peace on my desk at work. I have so many moisturisers so I thought I could keep this on handy at work. I have used it a few times now and it leave my hands feeling slightly softer and the smell is mouth-watering.

Rahua - Voluminous Shampoo & Conditioner

I feel that I cannot give this a fair review due to my hair being so long and think the amount I had just didn't cover my hair. So at the moment I don't feel I can comment.

Cut By Fred - Hair Leather

Not this little leather string thing sat on my bed for a few days before I did something with it. So it's for your hair so you can create up-do's with it but i just really couldn't get the hang of it. So I plated the string and it now sits around my wrist!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Black and White

31 Day Nails Challenge - Black and White - Day 7

Black and white is 100% on trend at the moment with the stripped tops and shorts.. Everywhere I look in TopShop is anotherr white and back top. So for today I thought i would have a look on line at some outfits to see if I could get any inspiration.

Here is what I found and loved.

Now for the nails. I didn't just want to keep them as stripes so I thought I would try a few diff rent things. Here is what I ended up with.....

31 Day Nail Challenge - Violet - Day 6

So after having a busy busy say I needed to do something that was going to take less the 10 mins to do.

So I come up with this simple half and half effect, simple, easy and look amazing.

It's A Rainy Day!

31 Day Nail Challenge - Blue - Day 5

Everyone loves the colour blue! it comes in so many different shaped for bright blue, greeny blue, purple like blue, Its one of my fave colours to design with.

Going around my mind today was trying a design to do with the ocean or the sky with some stars. But as I was sat there painting over my chipped nails I starts adding layers and layer of glitter getting carried away watching beauty and the beast ( one of my all time faves).

Half hour later when I looked at my nails I was shocked with the out come......

Yes they too ages to dry and yes they could have been classed as a little tacky but I was in love with them 100%! They were so spur of the moment and so easy I just had to keep them on.

It some how also manged to brighten up the rainy day we had... going to do them in all different colours now! :)

Bird's And The Bee's

Okay I know I have been rather slack these last few days and it's through no fault but my own that I have become behind on my posts. I would like to say that I have been rather busy with work and an amazing social lift but I'm afraid that's no the case. I have just been pure lazy!

So I want to say sorry and it wont happen again!

31 Day Nail Challenge - Green - Day 4

I wanted to try something I have never done today so i came up with this Little idea. It a little black been with a track of where he is going to fly over some grass.

Its so cute I love it :)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Trend Setter :/

So as you all know I have been doing my own nails for a while now and of course been showing them off as much as I can, basically to anyone that will give me the time of day! My friends always love to see what my nails are like as they are forever changing...

It was when me and my friend Jodie went to London that she go inspired to do her own nails. I would love to take the credit for it all but I think I just gave her a little nudge to try it herself.

Jodie is calm and collective but knows whats she wants in life and to be honest its an inspiration. She always keeps up with the lastest trends and is willing to show them off at any time and I believe this is going to start showing in her nails too.

At the moment she is all about the glitter but I think its an amazing place to start..... Take a look for yourselves :)

Girls Night

Okay so me and a few of the girls planned a girls night in, with a come dine with me style. As the evening drew closers the girls started asking me if I could do their nails. Of course I said that it was fine even knowing I would spend the whole night doing nails while they drink etc...

While we were at work I asked them to send me some pictures of the thing they would like so I knew if i had the right stuff. They all sent me email after email with all different kinds of designs on them from water Mellon's to cute and fluffy Bunny's.

So this is what my night consisted of.

April's nails - Crazy, Loud and Sweet

So we ended up going for this style of leopard print. It not only shows her crazy and loud side by being these bright colours but it also shows her sweet side that she doesn't show as much! She is the kind of girl that is the life and soul of the party!

Helen - Innocent, Flirty and bubbly

Helz is the girl that everyone loves, she is always someone to make you smile when you are feeling a little down, comes out with the funny comments when you don't expect them. She is so sweet to everyone but we know her well enough now to know that she has a wild side! She is all loved up at the moment with her long term boyfriend so I hoped these would show that! :)

She also wanted a surprise design on her feet, I love doing this design at the moment so went with this...

Sophie - Funny, Strange and Lovable

Soph is the funniest person I have ever met, she not only knows how to have a good time with the girls but when we are out she is the one we all watch because we know something funny is going to happen ( after she has had 1 too many). She is always the one we can count on too to be there if we need a good chat or just a cuddle to cheer us up. Despite her ridiculous eating habits we would not change her for the world!

This is going to become a weekly thing so I'm sure there are a lot more picture too follow over the next month! :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

My Kity Kit

I am going to take the time to dedicate this whole post to the kit that I have..

I going to show you all my polishes, brushes and other tools I love. I have hardly found any post where people let us know what their kit contains, so I'm going to show you mine.

My kit consists of things that I have gathered over the year and recent months.

where to start.....

My polishes - I don't really stick to one kind of brand I like to use all different kinds from dead cheap to expensive (which I class as like O.P.I) Here is all the polishes I own and use for my designs.

As you can see I have a good few and have resulted in need a box to keep them all in.

So next is all my brushes and bit and bobs...

My brushes where from eBay for a few pounds and they are as good as the 4 I paid £10 for so i was more than impressed with them. When they do get a little gammy I will just buy some new ones! :)

This stamping set I was so excited to use, now its here I just cant get used to it! I haven't even been able to do one design using it and have just given up!

Striping tape = A must have!

Everything else that I use - The rubbish stuff! :)