Friday, 24 August 2012

My Kity Kit

I am going to take the time to dedicate this whole post to the kit that I have..

I going to show you all my polishes, brushes and other tools I love. I have hardly found any post where people let us know what their kit contains, so I'm going to show you mine.

My kit consists of things that I have gathered over the year and recent months.

where to start.....

My polishes - I don't really stick to one kind of brand I like to use all different kinds from dead cheap to expensive (which I class as like O.P.I) Here is all the polishes I own and use for my designs.

As you can see I have a good few and have resulted in need a box to keep them all in.

So next is all my brushes and bit and bobs...

My brushes where from eBay for a few pounds and they are as good as the 4 I paid £10 for so i was more than impressed with them. When they do get a little gammy I will just buy some new ones! :)

This stamping set I was so excited to use, now its here I just cant get used to it! I haven't even been able to do one design using it and have just given up!

Striping tape = A must have!

Everything else that I use - The rubbish stuff! :)

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