Monday, 22 October 2012


Everyone loves a good bargain, and a few days ago I stumbled across the best one I have found yet! I was driving past my local Sally's store when i thought i would pop in to see if they sold any nail polish thinner. As I was in there I grab a few bits like Cotton wool and some new brushes. I was about to leave when I spotted them.....

A basket full of Nina Ultra Pro polishes all full sized and unopened for only £0.69 each! I grab 1 of every colour they had left and bought them as quick as I could thinking there must have been some mistake!

"Nina Untra Pro"

I bought 10 in total and this I would use them to fill my vast growing nail polish collection or for some give aways!

I have previously bough the ultra pro polishes because of the neon colours in the collection and loved them so much. The consistency of the past gave good coverage and dried in a reasonable time. The polish also seem to look as good as new for at least a week at a time.

I cant wait to give them all ago!


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