Wednesday, 1 August 2012


A few months ago i signed up too what i thought was the most amazing thing ever Glossy Box. After reading reviews online it sounds like a monthly present that you would get for yourself with 5 deluxe sample size products from makeup, nails and skin care.

After receiving my glossy box for 5 months i started to realise that what i was getting wasn’t anywhere near as good as it looks and even though i filled out a beauty profile the products i got still weren’t for me.

So i took to cancelling my subscription.

At the thought of not getting another surprise box every month i yet again took to the net to read review after review on all different monthly boxes i ended up going for the JolieBox.

I’m going to keep an eye on the boxes i get to see if they vary quality wise month to month

Junes Box (Birthday Box)

so first off i noticed the wrapping was not as colourful or presented as well as Glossy Box, but really who needs a fancy box that they end up throwing away or keeping under the bed. I was shocked at the sizes of the products as they were a lot better that what i was used to with 1 full size product.

Yon-Ka - Pamplemousse
This facial cream was nicely scented of citrus fruits making it a lot more enjoyable to apply. This everyday lightweight moisturiser left my skin feeling soft and smooth, even under all my make-up. i also felt it gave a little glow to my face and helped to brighten up those dark rings around my eyes!

Institut Esthederm - Bronze Repair
So this is the one product i haven be able to use yet with the lack of sun i have seen. its for both me and woman with tolerant skin, who can and wish to safely tan without developing wrinkles. I Myself am scared when it comes to any kind of tan products being that i burn very easy with my fair skin and frecjles. It was a good size for a quick trial. I will let you know my verdict once i have given it ago.

L'OCCITANE's - Angelica Hydration Cream
Made with organic angelica from the Drome of France, this lightweight hydration cream is an absolute must have. not only did it help my skin get back to its normal plump look it also improves skin elasticity and protects from the naturel elements. My skin was definitely more plump, radiant and smooth.

I love my JolieBox - Nail File
You can never have too many of these right! :)

Elysambre - Discovery Product - Lip Linner
I fell in love with this Lip Linner straight away but thats just because I love them. I cant say that this one was any diffrent to any of the others I have bought but none the less i loved the colour - rouge.

Overall I love my first JolieBox, I will use all the products in there at somepoint if I have not already. Also my first gave me a great idea that if i get things I won't use then why not put them all in a box and then at Christams use them as stocking fillers!

Can't wait until my next months box! :)

leopard Mad

So after finding the leopard print so easy i got a little bit carried away.....!

I had already done the normal colours for the leopard print so thought i would trya nd change them a little.

They are not the best i have ever done but they are still good to me! :)