Monday, 30 July 2012

Bit by bit

So after a little while i started trying some copy cat designs.....

After seeing some rose nail art done by Lippy Lucie ( i had to try it out for myself..... these have to be my fav so far :)

Hope you like. x

Vodka is not just for drinking.

So after seeing so many mazing nail designs on the internet i stubbled across newspapper nals and i just had to try it for myself. I watched a few tutorials on YouTube before taking to my own nails.

All the things i used:
O.P.I - Clear Top Coat
O.P.I - Bubble Bath Pink
A magazine
I decided I didn't just want to do owrds as they would only print backwards and it seems to be the normal thing done. So as I was flicking though my mag I cam across the answers for last weeks cross-word and straight away thought I would use these.

Being the girly girl I am I painted my nails Bubble Bath Pink by O.P.I (easy to apply with amazing results) waited for it to dry and then dipped my nail into the Vodka for a few seconds after pulling my nail out of the Vodka i pushed the magazine cuttings on to my nail. I peeled the paper back slowly left the print for a few seconds to dry and teh quickly brushed over my nail is a clear top coat.

So for my first attempt what do you think?

I love them, tehy were quick and easy, but also gave me that diffrent look i was going for... and on the plus side was the talk at work teh next day! :)