Friday, 19 October 2012

As Cute As

I though I had experience every feeling under the sun until my sister gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy ever. I will admit now that when it comes to children I have never been their biggest fan. The thought of changing Nappy's, cleaning sick and stay made me run a million miles away. A soon as I held this amazing little boy I had never felt so much overwhelming love in my life!

Your probably wondering where this is going.... but due to my sister now being on maternity leave from work she is helping my mum to start up her own little business.

They call it - Cute As A button!

Its for people looking for unusual gifts for baby showers, birthdays, wedding any event you can think of really! I know when it comes to my friends birthday I am always looking for something new to give them. something that has that WOW factor. I truly believe that they will be successful in this venture and i support them in everything they do.

So they have only just started up and they are amazing, take a look for yourselves....

Nappy Cakes (Made from Nappy's, Blankets, Socks, Baby toiletries and Baby toys

Sweet Trees and Reefs (Can be made from any sweets)

Baby Flowers (Baby's socks)

Check out their page...

Hope you like :)

Tattoo Nails

So it seems to be the in thing at the moment that people want to try out tattoo and text nails. When I think of tattoos I think or big butch men and pain! but now I have a whole different outlook on them! having too myself I am no stranger to the sound, pain and terror of the needle but my stereo type never seems to change! :)

So you all know me I went trawling on the Internet to get ideas...

so here is my inspiration...

So I went for the typical LOVE HATE tattooed on knuckles for inspiration!

surprise surprise

And this is my take on the look