Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Trend Setter :/

So as you all know I have been doing my own nails for a while now and of course been showing them off as much as I can, basically to anyone that will give me the time of day! My friends always love to see what my nails are like as they are forever changing...

It was when me and my friend Jodie went to London that she go inspired to do her own nails. I would love to take the credit for it all but I think I just gave her a little nudge to try it herself.

Jodie is calm and collective but knows whats she wants in life and to be honest its an inspiration. She always keeps up with the lastest trends and is willing to show them off at any time and I believe this is going to start showing in her nails too.

At the moment she is all about the glitter but I think its an amazing place to start..... Take a look for yourselves :)

Girls Night

Okay so me and a few of the girls planned a girls night in, with a come dine with me style. As the evening drew closers the girls started asking me if I could do their nails. Of course I said that it was fine even knowing I would spend the whole night doing nails while they drink etc...

While we were at work I asked them to send me some pictures of the thing they would like so I knew if i had the right stuff. They all sent me email after email with all different kinds of designs on them from water Mellon's to cute and fluffy Bunny's.

So this is what my night consisted of.

April's nails - Crazy, Loud and Sweet

So we ended up going for this style of leopard print. It not only shows her crazy and loud side by being these bright colours but it also shows her sweet side that she doesn't show as much! She is the kind of girl that is the life and soul of the party!

Helen - Innocent, Flirty and bubbly

Helz is the girl that everyone loves, she is always someone to make you smile when you are feeling a little down, comes out with the funny comments when you don't expect them. She is so sweet to everyone but we know her well enough now to know that she has a wild side! She is all loved up at the moment with her long term boyfriend so I hoped these would show that! :)

She also wanted a surprise design on her feet, I love doing this design at the moment so went with this...

Sophie - Funny, Strange and Lovable

Soph is the funniest person I have ever met, she not only knows how to have a good time with the girls but when we are out she is the one we all watch because we know something funny is going to happen ( after she has had 1 too many). She is always the one we can count on too to be there if we need a good chat or just a cuddle to cheer us up. Despite her ridiculous eating habits we would not change her for the world!

This is going to become a weekly thing so I'm sure there are a lot more picture too follow over the next month! :)