Friday, 21 September 2012

JolieBox 3

I was very disappointed when it came to the 13th September and I still hadn't received my lovely little box. So I took to the email yet again to track down the where abouts of the ever disappearing JolieBox! I emailed their general customer service email that advised I would get a response within the working day.

I waited and waited.............. Within a few hours I had a reply.

"Thank you for confirming this for me and I am very sorry to hear that you have not received your box.

I have checked your tracking number and it says that your box was delivered on the 28th. Please check with any neighbours that you have to see if they have signed for the box.

If you have no luck or have already done this I would Be more than happy to arrange a replacement."

Straight away I emailed back to say I would need a replacement as the box get deliverd to my workplace so we do not have any neighbours as such! they emailed back within the hour to say that they were very sorry and the box would be sent out first class. One of the products was no longer available but would replace it with something else.

I allowed myself to this it would take up to 3 days for the box to arrive but to my amazement it was there the next morning. When opening the box i tried not to get my hopes up to save disappointment, but when I opened it It was the best box yet! Not only had they replaced the product but also added even more!

The customer service was out standing when I bought my issue to there attention and that is one if the main reason I love dealing with JolieBox.

So you want to see what was in the box?

Dr Bronner - Magic Liquid Soap

Straight away I became a little scared of this.. Following skin conditions when I was younger I have always been a little worried about trying any new bath-room products encase of a skin breakout etc... Then the other day I had the worst day at work for a long time so decided to have a steamy hot bath. I grabbed one of these cheeky little soaps as I had run out of shower gel and though "What do I have to lose".

I am 110% sold on this product! I chose the citrus orange flavour and my skin has never felt so soft for as long as I can remember. The only down side I could find was that I didn't have more... I will be buying this product for myself and making sure everyone else I know Buys it too!

Phil Smith - Dry Clean Shampoo

This is one product I will never use. I tried a dry shampoo before and as i have dark brown now reddish hair it left it looking white at the ends, as if I had a head full of split ends!

This one will be used as a little stocking filler for Christmas time.

So Susan - Wide Awake Palette

I love this although I have dyed my hair a dark brown/ red colour and I am naturally very fair haired, in turn making me need to pencil my eye brows a little darker every day! I normally end up using a brown eye shadow as I always forget to buy an eyebrow pencil. It had done me fine over the years and I have never seen any problem with it until now! I followed the instructions to highlight and darken my brows and straight away I saw the difference. My eyes looked bigger and brighter also took minimal time too.

Studio Makeup - Lipstick

So I am new to the whole lipstick fashion, I have recently bought a Dainty Doll lipstick in a light pink and it has nearly all gone. Joliebox sending me this one was a lifesaver! It's a brighter that I would pick in the store but I'm glad as it's made em realise they may look bright and scary in the store but look gorgeous on! :)

Essential Care - Organic Rose Moisturiser

This little pot of magic has it's prime peace on my desk at work. I have so many moisturisers so I thought I could keep this on handy at work. I have used it a few times now and it leave my hands feeling slightly softer and the smell is mouth-watering.

Rahua - Voluminous Shampoo & Conditioner

I feel that I cannot give this a fair review due to my hair being so long and think the amount I had just didn't cover my hair. So at the moment I don't feel I can comment.

Cut By Fred - Hair Leather

Not this little leather string thing sat on my bed for a few days before I did something with it. So it's for your hair so you can create up-do's with it but i just really couldn't get the hang of it. So I plated the string and it now sits around my wrist!