Thursday, 30 August 2012

Black and White

31 Day Nails Challenge - Black and White - Day 7

Black and white is 100% on trend at the moment with the stripped tops and shorts.. Everywhere I look in TopShop is anotherr white and back top. So for today I thought i would have a look on line at some outfits to see if I could get any inspiration.

Here is what I found and loved.

Now for the nails. I didn't just want to keep them as stripes so I thought I would try a few diff rent things. Here is what I ended up with.....

31 Day Nail Challenge - Violet - Day 6

So after having a busy busy say I needed to do something that was going to take less the 10 mins to do.

So I come up with this simple half and half effect, simple, easy and look amazing.

It's A Rainy Day!

31 Day Nail Challenge - Blue - Day 5

Everyone loves the colour blue! it comes in so many different shaped for bright blue, greeny blue, purple like blue, Its one of my fave colours to design with.

Going around my mind today was trying a design to do with the ocean or the sky with some stars. But as I was sat there painting over my chipped nails I starts adding layers and layer of glitter getting carried away watching beauty and the beast ( one of my all time faves).

Half hour later when I looked at my nails I was shocked with the out come......

Yes they too ages to dry and yes they could have been classed as a little tacky but I was in love with them 100%! They were so spur of the moment and so easy I just had to keep them on.

It some how also manged to brighten up the rainy day we had... going to do them in all different colours now! :)

Bird's And The Bee's

Okay I know I have been rather slack these last few days and it's through no fault but my own that I have become behind on my posts. I would like to say that I have been rather busy with work and an amazing social lift but I'm afraid that's no the case. I have just been pure lazy!

So I want to say sorry and it wont happen again!

31 Day Nail Challenge - Green - Day 4

I wanted to try something I have never done today so i came up with this Little idea. It a little black been with a track of where he is going to fly over some grass.

Its so cute I love it :)