Monday, 6 August 2012

The Games

I have been saying for a few months that I was not bothered by the Olympics, with me not being a very sporty person it wasn't anything that intrested me. But over the past few days it has been hard not to see the odd game here and there. Watching Rebecca Adlington's 400m freestyle it was her nail art that caught my eye, not the big bronze medal around her neck. After seeing this I automatically scanned the internet to see what other athletes were also showing their nail art off!

Adlington wasn't the only one to have embraced the trend, with US tennis ace Venus Williams flashing her stars and stripe nails during a press conference. Mexican archer Aida Roman sporting a gold design with her country's national colours in the woman's team quarter final. Others taht also popped up were impressive manicures by German track cycling team member Kristina Vogel, who had a black, red and gold design. But best of all weightlifter Luz Mecedes Acosta Valdez incorporated both the Mexican and Great British flags.

After doing a little bit more research it turns out that nail artist Sophy Robson, who joined with Procter & Gamvle (P&G) have provided nail services to the athletes and guests in the Olympic Village.

You can find loads of Olympic nail tutorials online such as YouTube if you want to give it ago yourself. I lover teh fact that the female athletes are showing their personality's with their nail art. I think it also brings a bit more colour to teh games!

Can't wait to see more......

And this is my take on the look...