Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bargain Buys

I am constantly a Facebook user and have just been introduced to a group on there call FaceBay. It is a page where everyone can post there unwanted items for sale and other people can make offers to buy. Kind of like a local eBay, My initial thought was that it was full of people selling the most usless things.


I won an iPhone at work and needed to sell it as I already have one. So I posted it onto my Facebook and I was scrolling through to see if anyone had posted I came across...

30 Polishes for £10 :)

Straight away I had to have them! So I messaged the girl and told them I would buy them straight away. She bought them round to me that evening as she lived in the area. She had put tehm in a nice clear box and also 20 diffrent patches of nail stickers. She said she no longer had time to do her nails due to her work life...

Her loss my gain :)

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