Friday, 3 August 2012


So I bit the Bullet and decided to buy some striping tape after hearing how easy and amazing it was. I searched through eBay and found a set of 10 different colour tapes for a massive £2.00 by Tool-zoom. So everyday I have been hoping they would arrive and then finally they did, only 3 days had passed! :) I ripped open the package and fount the 10 mixed striping tapes and was already like a little kid at Christmas.

I was thinking of just trying the normal fan effect or stripes but saw some amazing designs online inspired me to try some like it for myself. I had read they had been free hnaded into sections but i wasn't as confident with my skaky hands! So I cleaned the base of the nail first and applied a whire base coat. Once this had dried I started applying some green tape as I knew I would use this the least (like a stencil). I made a cross on one nail and different thickness of stripes on the others. I picked the colours I wanted and carefully filled in the sections on my nails. Before it had time to dry I peeled the green rape leaving the white from the base showing.

Once these had fully dried I found some gold tape and replaced where teh green tape had been and there you have it!

I am in love with them at the moment and dont want to change them again!

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